About Sheoganj

Situated on the bank of Jawai river in Rajasthan, Sheoganj is a prosperous town. Sheoganj city is located in Sirohi district and it is the tehsil headquarters of Sheoganj Tehsil. It is an ideal spot to relax and enjoy a peaceful holiday with your family or friends. As it is well connected to major cities of the state, it is easily accessible from anywhere.

History of Sheoganj

The important historical incidence in Sheoganj is an agreement between Maharaja Man Singh, the erstwhile Jodhpur King and the British Government. A per the agreement signed on 6th January 1818, The kind agreed to provide 1500 soldiers to British Government in times of need. But he withdrew the contigent of the soldiers, which he had provided earlier, on 7th December 1835 and agreed to pay Rs 1, 15, 000 for recruiting their own soldiers.

About Sheoganj

After completing the recruitment of these soldiers in Ajmer, the company government asked Shri Shiv Singh Ji, the erstwhile Maharaja of Sirohi to give place for the new recruiters. Thus, this army contigent was established as an army cantonment in Erinpura in 1837. Erinpura got this name from the birth place of Commander Dowring, “The Erin Island”. This army contigent was named as Erinpura Irregular force in 1860. This contigent got the title of 43rd Erinpura regiment in 1903. After the establishment of this regiment, this place became in the process of development with many bungalows for British officers, post office, gardens, etc. Civilian population also became increased along with this.

The King Shiv Singh Ji laid the foundation of Sheoganj town on his own name on 11th May 1854. He assigned the nagar Seth Shri Juharmal Lodha of Pali the task of leading this town into progress.. The king provided many favors to the people like reducing taxes on business transaction, allotting residentaial land at the rate of 1 Rupee and 5 Annas for per plot. Attracted in these facilities, many business communities and other service persons migrated from Pali and settled in this town. Gradually, Sheoganj became a hub of business activities. This development and progress is still continuing without no looking back.

Geography of Sheoganj

Sheoganj is located at 25.150N 73.070E at an average elevation of 260 meters. The town is on the bank of Jawai river enroute from Ahmedabad to Sirohi – Delhi. The town is bounded by Jawai River in north, badgaon in east, Kesarpura in sourth and Marwar Paladi, Kanpura and Chandana in west. The nearby villages to Sheoganj are Kesharpura, Joyla, Posaliya, Jogapura and Rukhara. Sumerpur (1.4 km), Takhatgarh (20.5 km), Bali (22.7 km), Rani (33.7) and Falna are the main cities near to Sheoganj. The town is in the border of Sirohi District and Pali district.

Sheoganj generally has a dry climate with temperature between 250C and 450C. Neem trees are growing in abundance here that always helpful in recovering from illness.

Administration in Sheoganj
Sheoganj Tehsil Office
Address: Chandana Road, Sheoganj, Sirohi, Rajasthan
Phone number: 76659 59003
Tehsildar: 02976 270649
B.D.O: 02976 270192

About Sheoganj

Business and Economy in Sheoganj

Agriculture is one of the main source of economy in Sheoganj. The major crops cultivated here is wheat, Makka, Til, Moong, Moth, Urad, Bajra, Jwar, Chana, Gwar, Rui, Moongphali and vegetables and fruits. Marble, fabrication, Granite in Dhawli, oil mills and agarbatti are the main industries in the city.

Healthcare Facilities in Sheoganj

There are many big and small hospitals, specialized hospitals like eye hospitals, maternity hospitals etc, nursing homes, clinics etc in Sheoganj that provide good treatment to the people with the help of efficient doctors and staff and modern technologies.

Jain Hospital
Address: Jain Building, Heeragarwadi,
Near Agarwal Medical Hall, Sheoganj,
Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 272277

Surya Hospital
Address: Surya Shyamla Building,
Near Karan Nagar Bus Stand, Karan Nagar,
Sheoganj, Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 271154, 02976 271274

Leelavati Hospital
Address: Srya Samaj Road, Subhash Nagar,
Near Sheoganj Post Office, Sheoganj,
Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 272616

Parasshunath Eye Hospital
Address: Nagar Palika Road, Kaliapura,
Behind Government Hospital, Sheoganj,
Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 279268

Vatsalya Child Hospital
Address: Timber Market, Oppsosite Arya Samaj,
Dhan Mandi, Sheoganj, Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 9828024480

Goyal Dental Hospital
Address: Subhash Nagar, Sheoganj,
Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 94462928754

Government Hospital
Address: Station Road, NH 14, Posaliya Road,
Near Sheoganj Police station, Sheoganj,
Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 275019

About Sheoganj

Dr Shashi Maternity Health Care Centre

Address: Heernagar Wari, Sheoganj,
Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027

Dhanvantri Clinic
Address: jayola Road, Brahmpuri, Posaliya,
Near Government Hospital, Sheoganj, Sirohi,
Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 267004

Bhati Clinic
Address: Gokulwadi, karan Nagar, Sheoganj,
Near Punjab National bank, Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 272034

O P Mewara Nursing Home
Address: Sheoganj, Sirohi, Rajasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 220270

Police station in Sheoganj
Circle Inspector S.H.O, Sheoganj
Address: NH 14, Posaliya Road, Sheoganj,
Sirohi, Rjasthan, 307027
Phone number: 02976 272100

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